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Jel Claws Tires

FAQ about Jel Claws Tires

1. What is the estimated life span?

If Jel Claws tires are new, sitting on the shelf not getting used, the estimated life span is 15 to 20 years depending on the UV conditions in the room. As with actual car tires, the life span of Jel Claws tires will change depending on the surface or track conditions and length of use.

2. Do you have a tire that fits my __________?

We might. We do know the tires we have reproduced fit the applications listed. There are many tire and wheel combinations that are unidentified. Because of this we have provided a “Tire Tech” sheet that shows actual profile shape and dimensions of Jel Claws tires, to help you identify a tire for your specific application. Remember... because of their amazing elasticity, Jel Claws tires may very well fit many other applications yet to be discovered.

3. How do I clean Jel Claws tires?

Wash tires with soap and water. Dawn dish washing liquid is recommended.

4. I have both a plastic and a wood track. Can Jel Claws be used on either track?

Jel Claws tires are formulated with our special tire compound to be the best gripping tires ever. Simply put, Jel Claws tires are designed to be better than silicone or urethane on both plastic and wood tracks. Typically, these tracks can often turn even the best silicone or urethane tires into slippery banana peels.

5. I see you have a variety of different tires for slot cars. Is this your complete line?

We are regularly adding to our line of Jel Claws tires and other products. Continue to check with us for new additions to our ever growing line. If you sign-up to be included in future e-mail updates, we can inform you when new products become available.

6. What chemicals can Jel Claws tires tolerate?

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7. Why are Jel Claws tires different from other slot car tires?

There are several different reasons. Jel Claws starts with molds that are CNC machined out of metal, designed on a CAD system and made in our own factory by engineers and craftsman who care about quality utilizing, precision modern molding equipment and special designed tire compounds using the latest technology to bring you the roundest flattest and accurate tires available.

UltraCal Decals

FAQ about our line of UltraCal Decals

1. What sets UltraCal High Definition Racing Decals apart from others?

Aside from the fact they look great, featuring vivid whites, colors, and details, UltraCal decals are printed on a super thin polyester film that resists scuffing, tearing, or other abuse. You'll be pleasantly amazed to find that they easily conform to irregular surfaces / contours, don't allow the body color of slot cars, or models to bleed through, and they don't require any clear-coating!

2. How do they compare to waterslide decals?

Water slide decals chip, wrinkle, look dull, and the whites fade when colors are applied to them. To have any chance of preserving water slide decals, you'll need to clear coat them. What's more, the application of water slide decals is limited to very few areas of the car because they won't go over textured surfaces or contours.

3. How do I Install Ultracal Decals

Easy to peel and stick pre-cut decals. Simply lift, place, and press. Your creativity is no longer limited, as you can apply Ultracal decals anywhere. They will fill and conform to all sorts of problem areas such as door seams, cowl areas, and raised door handles. Simple instructions are included with every purchase.

4. Do they need clear coat?

No need for clear-coating as they already have the look of a clear-coated decal. Looks and feels like factory-fitted, tampo printed numbers. Graphics look crisper, more realistic than other decals, with more vivid colors, and provides a background with a painted look.